Home News Northern Ireland’s first Safe Deposit Box facility to open in Belfast City

Northern Ireland’s first Safe Deposit Box facility to open in Belfast City


Building work is underway at a secret location in Belfast for an impenetrable vault which will house thousands of safe deposits boxes.

When it is completed later in the year the multi-million pound vault will be accessible only after a series of security checks including retina, facial and fingerprint recognition, access card and pin – and security guards will be on duty 24/7.

Inside, up to 20,000 boxes in various sizes will be available to tuck away all your treasures such as:

  • photos
  • human ashes
  • cash
  • jewellery
  • gold bullion
  • documents
  • hard drives and USB sticks

In fact pretty much anything you are determined to keep from prying eyes and pilfering hands can be kept safe for a rental fee for the safe deposit box.

But there are a few rules users must sign up to.

There are five items the new Belfast Vaults will not allow to be stored: liquids, gases, firearms, narcotics and perishables.

Nigel Doolin, Director of Operations told Belfast Live: “This will be the first independent safe deposit box vault in Northern Ireland. We will initially open with about 3,000 boxes but we will have a final capacity of between 15,000 and 20,000 boxes.


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