Home News First Safe Deposit Box facility opened in Katowice, Poland

First Safe Deposit Box facility opened in Katowice, Poland


We encourage you to take advantage of the Treasury located in the heart of Katowice – in a building designed and built for Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. From its inception in 1930 to the present, Skarbiec is one of the most modern and innovative solutions among European banks, leaving the competition far behind. In the last decade, both the National Bank of Poland and then ING Bank Slaski introduced modernization and security at a global level. Taking care of the client’s goodness, we have applied the latest solutions, which additionally increase the security standards, and we have also taken care of the entire treasury and individual coffers.

The ideal purpose of our deposit boxes is to store cash, documents, personal and company securities, as well as works of art, jewelry, scientific and historical studies, and all goods that are unique and valuable to the customer.

Check why is it worth using our services.

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