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Malta’s first private independent Safe Deposit Box facility opens.


“Following my mum’s recent passing away, we found out that in her will, she had left several small items of jewellery for my three children so that when they grow up, they can have them as their memory of her. I had heard of a couple, friends of ours, who went on a cruise and when they came back, they found their home broken into. Their biggest disappointment, however, was losing some of the most sentimental objects that themselves were keeping for their own children. This is what made me revert to Ferrovault. I don’t need jewellery at home, so I’m happy knowing they are in safe keeping.” ­‒ a Ferrovault client.

Jeanne Borg, director of Ferrovault, says that sentimental things are the most precious, so whenever she hear stories like the above from clients, she immediately relates to how they would be feeling. She feels proud that her company is bringing peace of mind to many of their clients.

“I meet new clients every week and they never need to be asked what prompts them to seek our service. It is so personal that they end up telling us themselves what would have spurred them to consider coming to us,” she says.

“This particular client’s story is also very relatable because we all grow up with an attachment to sentimental objects that would have belonged to our loved ones.”

Centrally located in Iklin, Ferrovault had started its operations discreetly last year. This gave the company the opportunity to gauge clients’ interest and expectations. Once the service started gaining traction, the company officially launched its service earlier last May.

Ferrovault is Malta’s only safe deposit box service. It consists of a compound of several safe deposit boxes designed to offer a private, discreet and secure service to local, international and corporate clients which range from insurance companies to crypto and legal firms, banks, notaries and wealth management companies.

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