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Why is it not worth storing valuables in an apartment or at home, even in a safe …


Each of us has some precious items. For some it is jewelery, for some it is documents, for some it is savings, and for some it is simply family heirlooms. We usually keep them at home or in an apartment and often hide them in places obvious to thieves – in mattresses, in kitchen containers, in dirty linen baskets or between books. Some of us have purchased safes – smaller or larger, lighter or heavier, locked with keys or a combination. The most prudent have hidden safes with limited access only for initiated family members.

Break-ins and thefts have been with us for hundreds of years. Methods are changing, and hacking is accompanied by advanced technologies more and more often, but the effects remain the same. There is still a group of people who want to illegally and get rich quickly at the expense of others. And still new people or families are being robbed. They have to come to terms with the fact that strangers have been in their house or apartment, often in the presence of the whole family, often blackmailed or put to sleep by thieves with gas, or at best saved at the last minute thanks to the intervention of a courageous family member or the called security.

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