Home News Keep your identity safe from theft with a safe deposit box…

Keep your identity safe from theft with a safe deposit box…


BESSEMER – AL – Locking certain personal documents can be key to securing your identity. Financial experts weigh in your options and why you may want to consider using a safety deposit box and a home safe.

Hundreds of people have reached into drawers and folders in their home to find paper documents to shred at ABC 33/40’s Shredding For You events. Some say these documents containing sensitive information were sitting around their homes. It’s information identity thieves would love to get their hands on. Financial experts say safety deposit boxes and home safes are good deterrent

High tech security systems using facial and hand recognition software are in place in many Regions Bank branches in Central Alabama. \

“We do offer this to add extra protection to our customers,” said Floresha Boyd, workplace banking coordinator at Regions Bank.

At the Tannehill Promenade branch, facial recognition technology protects safety deposit boxes. Boyd says those boxes are intended to store hard to replace valuables.

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