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Cardiff Safe Deposit Box Facility now Open


Amit Mohan of Cardiff Safe Deposit believes burglars are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques to break into peoples’ homes making it harder than ever to keep valuables secure:

“Unfortunately burglars are now equipped with gadgets like metal detectors and are sometimes known to watch a house or office for days, even weeks before they commit the crime,” he said.

“They do not have any emotions attached to those irreplaceable items either of high value or sentiments before taking them away.

“There have been incidents where burglars have trashed a place looking for some monetary gain and damaged irreplaceable old photos and documents.”

He believes it has led to a demand in Cardiff for a high-security facility where people can have piece of mind leaving their valuables:

“With burglaries on the rise and the banks not offering a safe deposit facility, it has led to a demand in Cardiff for a high security facility where people can have peace of mind leaving their valuables,” Amit continued.

“We offer customers the best possible combination of both physical and digital high security storage environment for their valuables all year round.

“It is the only facility of its kind in Wales and the service offered is 100% confidential.”

Read the whole article here: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/special-features/cardiffs-burglary-hotspots-you-live-10104043

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