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Sneak Peak inside Sydney’s Custodian Vaults


Take a look inside one of Sydney’s top safe deposit box facility’s – brought to you by News.com.au

THERE are no signs, and to get anywhere near it you will need to be buzzed down via intercom.

Your fingerprints will then be taken and matched with facial recognition technology, plus you will need an access code and dual-key.

This isn’t a scenario from Mission Impossible and the Da Vinci Code — this is what happens when you step inside a gold vault you probably never even knew existed in your city.

Custodian Vaults general manager Clare Prior said this all added to its discretion.

Mrs Prior told news.com.au maintaining security and privacy was vital for her customers who used the 4500 security boxes to store a range of items from money to precious metals.

Based on Castlereagh Street in Sydney’s CBD, the vault is a place most would probably never think about needing.

But once you do, it’s like stepping into another world.

Thousands of shiny silver boxes line the walls from floor to ceiling and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.

Quiet, cool, and like something straight from a film scene, the slick vaults are contained within thick walls and a bullet proof door, which has three-hour fire protection.

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